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Our Story

Welcome to 100 Ways!

We started out as a small neighbourhood gold buyer, buying and refining jewellery. But then a beautiful ring came through and we couldn't do it. This one we just couldn't melt. So one of our staff adopted the ring… and pretty soon we had our friends coming in and sorting through our jewelry before it got sent off to be melted. The search was fun, and then once you found something, it was one-of-a-kind and at a tiny fraction of retail prices. 

We’ve grown a lot since then. We now purchase many items for more than melt then get to work adding value. We clean, polish, and appraise the jewellery before offering it for sale. Our goal is to recreate that initial experience. Real gold and diamond jewellery at a fraction of the price, the fun of sorting and hunting and the joy and excitement when you find exactly what you didn’t know you were looking for, but can’t imagine not having.



How it Works

We work with a network of sources for pre-owned jewellery and “rescue” the pieces that we can’t imagine being melted down. We then make sure it meets all of our authenticity and quality requirements before listing it for our customers to find. We then price the items at prices we consider to be much lower than their comparable retail prices before listing them to be found by their new owner.

Each piece of jewellery is carefully selected for resale through our partnerships with gold buyers, estate sales and vintage dealers. Every item we stock is unique in origin. Due to the pre-owned nature of our pieces, they are cleaned, repaired, and polished as needed.
We pride ourselves on selling 100% real gold, diamonds, and gemstones. Each piece is carefully tested to determine its purity and quality. Our team is trained to verify the authenticity of brand name and vintage pieces and our vintage pieces are not reproductions unless otherwise stated.


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