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Free shipping on orders over $250 • 30 day returns • Click here to book your appointment
Free shipping on orders over $250 • 30 day returns • Click here to book your appointment

How it Works

100 Ways delivers beautiful, one-of-a-kind modern and vintage jewellery at fair prices. 

We work with a network of sources for pre-owned jewellery and “rescue” the pieces that we can’t imagine being melted down. We then make sure it meets all of our authenticity and quality requirements before listing it for our customers to find. We then price the items at prices we consider to be much lower than their comparable retail prices before listing them to be found by their new owner.

We think by keeping our pricing fair and open, we can give each one of our customers confidence that when they fall in love with a piece of 100 Ways jewellery, they are getting a killer deal.


How We Price

New fine (real gold) jewellery is notoriously expensive - even when compared to the metal price. If you add up all the gold jewellery sold in North America compared to what the metal is worth, you are left with a markup of 1000% (ten times!) gold value.

When we came up with the pricing structure at 100 Ways, we wanted to put a dent into the traditional markup associated with jewellery. Here is what we came up with:

1) We start with a base price of $40 that covers our authentication, cleaning, and polishing.

2) Then we add the metal value at 75% or less on top of the market rate.

3) Diamonds and gemstones are added at wholesale rates.

For some antique or brand name pieces, the value is based on a super-reasonable second-hand price instead of the material cost. Almost every item in our Modern section is typically 80-90% cheaper than new jewellery. Brand name items are usually between 50-90% off retail and antique items are 20-50% cheaper than antique jewellery dealers.


What We Deliver

  Eco-conscious Sourcing

Each piece of jewellery is carefully selected for resale through our partnerships with gold buyers, estate sales, and vintage dealers. This means every item on our site is recycled and lessens the impact of negative metal mining and jewellery manufacturing practices.

Our one-of-a-kind items are cleaned, repaired, and polished as needed before being listed for you to find!

 Honest Pricing
We believe our pricing is our biggest strength and one of the things that really sets us apart. Our prices are market based - calculated based on the gold, gemstone, and antique market value of the piece.  

You’ll find that our prices are a small fraction of the retail price - usually between 50% and 90% off of new retail prices. Most of the time, we are even better priced than online auction sites and pawn shops!

 Fun Shopping
We wanted to recreate the experience of going to vintage shops and searching through bins and cases for the perfect find. With 100 Ways, you get to enjoy sorting through hundreds of unique items on your phone or your computer and experience the joy of finding the right item at the right price.