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Brand Name Companies: Tacori

Brand Name Companies: Tacori


Tacori is a well known staple in the jewelry industry and is recognized around the world as one of the largest brand name companies out there. With many different styles of rings available, they have something for everyone! Lets dive in and see what helped make this California based company the Iconic retailer it is today.


A Brief History


In 1969, Haig Tacorian and his wife Gilda left Europe to start a new life in the United States. When they moved to California, they devoted their lives to creating a jewelry company that would combine their signature European flair with the effortless style the people of California embodied. The merging of these two ideals is what helped bring Tacori to life.  The company is still a family run business to this day! Haig Tacorian is the chairman of the company, while his son Paul is the CEO and his daughter Nadine is the Design Director and COO.



Here Comes the Bride



Tacori is most well known for their engagement rings and the many different styles that they offer. Each of these collections features Tacori’s signature design element, the half moon crescent. It can be seen in all of their jewelry in some form, as well as in their “stamp” which is always in the lower portion of the ring!


The most popular rings Tacori has to offer are in the Dantela collection. Dantela means “lace” which fits perfectly with the designs featured in this collection. Each piece features a delicate rim of diamonds which frame the center stone as a way to enhance the stone and make it even more brilliant. The diamond is set in a way that allows light to filter through the stone beautifully, making what is already a gorgeous ring look even more incredible, and gives the band and mount a lace like appearace!


The RoyalT collection was designed for larger diamonds and features incredibly bold statement making pieces. Specifically designed for diamonds anywhere between 2 to 6 carats in size, the designs from the RoyalT collection are intended to be show-stoppers!


As the name would suggest, the Simply Tacori collection is understated and classic. Featuring solitaire diamonds with a delicate touch of that signature Tacori detailing in the band, simple elegance is what this entire collection embodies.


Another option Tacori has to offer is their Something Blue collection. Featuring rings, earrings, pendant’s, and bracelets all adorned with different types of blue gemstones, this collection is well suited for any bride walking down the isle or even as bridesmaid gifts for the big day!


Everyday Fashion


Tacori also has a wide array of collections geared towards every-day fashion, while still embodying the signature Tacori style.



The Sonoma Mist collection features jewelry crafted out of mixed metals and diamonds. The designs are supposed to remind you of dewdrops on grapes and evoke the feeling of being in a vineyard on a warm sunny day.



The Gemma Bloom collection is a modern take on vintage styles, pulling inspiration from the Art Deco period as well as Art Nouveau. The merging of the new and the old creates a unique and gorgeous collection of jewelry that can be worn anywhere, any time.


Tacori’s Crescent Cove collection takes direct inspiration from the California coastline, with designs inspired by rolling waves and the natural beauty of California!


Want to add some brand name beauties to your collection? Check out our Tacori items on 100 Ways!


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