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Free shipping on orders over $250 • 30 day returns • Click here to book your appointment
Free shipping on orders over $250 • 30 day returns • Click here to book your appointment

Jewelry Care

So you’ve purchased your piece from 100 Ways, that’s great! Now - how do you take care of it? This simple guide will tell you how to do just that! Following these tips and tricks will keep your piece beautiful for years to come.


Rule #1: Keep your jewellery away from direct sunlight and extreme heat. 

Pearls, amber, amethyst, cameos, and topaz are very sensitive to light. If you have pieces that contain these stones, make sure that when the jewellery is removed, it is kept away from sun-soaked areas. The light will cause the colours to fade or change, and no one wants that! 

Another thing to look out for is extreme temperature changes. You want to keep your gems away from extreme heat at all times, no matter what! This is especially important for pearls, opals, emeralds, peridot, aquamarine, and onyx.

Rule #2: Keep your jewellery away from chemicals.

Porous gems are extremely delicate and can be affected by everyday items such as lotions and perfumes. They require extra care in order to maintain their lustre. Jewellery should always be removed before swimming in a chlorinated pool, or soaking in a hot tub. Anything containing ammonia or bleach can also damage your jewellery, so be sure to remove your pieces before cleaning your house!

Rule #3: Be gentle.

When it comes to cleaning your jewellery, always be gentle. A soft toothbrush, some mild dish soap and water will always do the trick! If you’re fighting stubborn grime, let the piece sit in the water and soap solution for a little while before giving it a good scrub with the toothbrush. And if you need a polish, a soft cloth will do! 

Rule #4: If you’re not sure, just ask!

If you are unsure as to how to care for a specific piece, just shoot us a message. Never make assumptions as to how to care for your jewellery, as that can cause significant damage to your piece if you are not careful. We are always here to help if you have questions! 



Storing your jewellery: Try to keep your jewellery safe in a well organized and padded jewellery box. This will prevent stones from chipping, and rapid oxidisation of your metals. 

Storing chains: Keep chains flat when possible. This is extremely important especially for herringbone chains. Herringbone chains are prone to kinking and breaking if not stored properly, and are extremely delicate. Be sure to lay those flat when they are not being worn!